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Raging Gracefully

Dec 17, 2022

Nina Collins is in conversation with Katie Hickman about her new book, Brave Hearted: the Women of the American West.

Katie Hickman is the author of nine previous books, including two international bestsellers of history. She has also written two highly acclaimed travel books, and a trilogy of historical novels, which...

Dec 9, 2022

Nina Collins is in conversation with Jennifer Cassetta, Reveler and author of The Art of Badassery: Unleash Your Mojo With Wisdom of the Dojo!

Jennifer Cassetta is a nationally recognized TEDx and keynote speaker, empowerment coach, self defense expert and author. Equipped with her 3rd degree black belt in Hapkido and...

Dec 2, 2022

In our Late Bloomers series, Jenny Douglas interviews women across disciplines who have found their greatest professional power in their later years.

This month Jenny is in conversation with visual artist Katherine Bradford!

About Katherine: 
Born in 1942, Katherine Bradford has only in recent years started receiving...

Nov 18, 2022

Nina Collins is in conversation with Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith about weight management. They discuss:

  • How much weight actually affects your overall health
  • New drugs like Wegovy
  • How stress and sleep affect weight gain
  • Sustainable weight loss

More on Revel:

Nov 11, 2022

In collaboration with our friends at Alloy Nina Collins is in conversation with Dr. Corinne Menn about breast cancer and premature menopause.

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