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Raging Gracefully

Oct 22, 2021

Are you meeting everyone's needs but your own? Do you think you have boundary issues? Listen to Nina Collins in conversation with Dr. Debbie and learn about why we find ourselves in these positions, and how we can learn to set better boundaries and take care of ourselves first.

Oct 15, 2021

Sarah Chadwick discusses the history of clitoral representation in art with Nina Collins

Sarah is a writer and educator interested in the history of female sexuality, challenging the status quo, and humor. 

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Oct 8, 2021

Tulani Bridgewater-Kowalski is in conversation with Christine Pride and Jo Piazza about their new book, We Are Not Like Them, which is also our October Book Club pick!

About the Book:

Told from alternating perspectives, an evocative and riveting novel about the lifelong bond between two women, one Black and one white,...

Oct 1, 2021

Nina Collins in conversation with Natalie Nixon about her new book, The Creativity Leap: Unleash Curiosity, Improvisation, and Intuition at Work.

About Natalie:

Natalie Nixon, PhD changes lives through ideas so that people build their creative confidence for years to come, make an impact and get paid their worth.


Sep 24, 2021

Nina Collins hosts a conversation all about perimenopause with Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz.

About Dr. Suzanne:
Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz is a nationally renowned doctor, expert, speaker and advocate for integrative women’s health. As a partner at Women’s Care of Beverly Hills, she’s performed thousands of deliveries...