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Raging Gracefully

Dec 30, 2020

Nina in conversation with Dr. Tayyaba Ahmed of Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine

Dr. Tayyaba Ahmed is a doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation who was born and raised in New York. She completed the BS/DO program at New York Institute of Technology and was trained at the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine,...

Dec 17, 2020

Nina Collins in Conversation with Omisade Burney-Scott

Dec 9, 2020

Nina Collins and Sherry Brennan recap the first ten days of our Unlearning Racism virtual discussion-group as we look ahead to round two in 2021. 

Dec 3, 2020

Nina in conversation with Anna Winger, a writer, producer, screenwriter, and photographer who's behind the television dramas Deutschland 83, Deutschland 86, Deutschland 89, and Unorthodox. 

Nov 26, 2020

Nina Collins in conversation with Cindy Gallop, the founder of MakeLoveNotPorn.