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Raging Gracefully

Apr 17, 2019

This week Hillary and Nina take a break from heavier topics to discuss their favorite authors. They also get a chance to interview Stephanie Gangi (author of The Next) about her experience publishing her first novel at 60. 

Apr 3, 2019

Hillary and Nina interview Greg Dillon, MD and some Woolfer parents about best practices when it comes to treating mental health issues in adolescents. 

Mar 20, 2019

In the second episode of our 2-part series on infidelity Nina and Hillary talk with several Woolfers about how infidelity affected their marriages as well as sex coach Irene Fehr.

Hosts: Nina Collins & Hillary Richard

Production: Edward Barton & Sidney Morss

Mar 6, 2019

In the first part of this 2-episode series Hillary and Nina interview Wednesday Martin, author of Untrue, about why women cheat and ways to engage in consensual non-monogamy.  

Nov 21, 2018

If you've started to notice a change in the way alcohol affects you as you age then this episode is for you. We've got an interview with Dr. Jennifer Wider about the nitty-gritty health facts when it comes to alcohol. And we've got an interview with journalist Rachael Combe about her breakup with wine.